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Sabtu, 26 Maret 2011

Periksa EjaanSo yeah, I know.
I met you when we in the third grade.That time, I was .. well.. I hate boys so very much.
That is why, i always treat boys the same, the HARD WAY :)).

I still remember, the time when i accidentally throwing a jar into your eyes.
You were so mad at me, then you stab me with a pencil.
:)) i forgive it. Because we were kids back then.

Then we grew up to forth-grade.
That time, I didnt remember who you are exactly.
That time, you dont know me either.
Well..i didnt like you when we in the forth-grade.

After that, we went to FIFTH GRADE.
Whew that is the best Grade ever,i think :).
you know why, bloggah?
:) i accidentally put my diary on the table, then he SAW it!!
aa man.. my secret is revealed.. Misteri illahi pun ter bongkar *Wtf? :))
an hour after that, he sent me a message.. it said
"I like you too. Do you wanna be my girlfriend?"
and i was just like..
THAT! AAAA..Im Blushing. Im Freezing like an ice cube. I grabbed his massage, and i answer.."What? I cant read it!" *i chuckled to death :))* then he gave me something, first i thought it was a paper, apprently its an HEART BALLOON! ITS BLUE! and its got I love you on it! Damn. i almost fainted! :0 Slowly, I grabbed that Heart shaped Balloon after that i put it in my locker. aaaand a day after that, i say YES. i would like to date with..you :) . Man you are just so sweet. :D

thank you. thank you for everything. i appreciated it. REALLY. I DO! i swear! :D
boy, i have something to say for you ;


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łαмίмoτt mengatakan...

uhuy.. buat siapa tuh?
hahaha :))

Adippong mengatakan...

:)) Masa ga tau tam? buat isi itu loh.. :)) Wkwkwkkwk